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Strip Poker: The Rules

5 Card Draw is the game typically used for strip poker. This is due to its simplicity. By allowing only a single draw, it keeps the game moving as well.

Generally, the player with the worst hand after the draw removes a single article of clothing. However, there are some things that you'll need to consider and ensure that all players understand before starting the game:

  • Once all articles of clothing are removed, how long does that player remain nude?
  • Is a fully nude player allowed to fully redress, or must they win a hand first?
  • What position must a fully nude player assume, or are there any illegal positions (positions that would cover up the goods are generally not allowed)?
  • Is touching allowed? If so, who is allowed to touch, where, how, etc. A standard no-touching rule is highly recommended to ensure that everybody remains respected and things don't get out of control.

Some other things to consider:

  • The number of clothing articles players will wear (typically underwear, pants, shirt, socks, and shoes)
  • Does a pair of shoes and/or socks count as one or two articles of clothing?
  • Is there a set order that clothing must be removed in, or is it up to the losing player to decide?
  • For girls, do bra and panties count as one article or two (taking into consideration that if they are considered two articles, then a girl could potentially remain topless for an extended period of time across several hands of play or even indefinitely)?
  • When can players leave, and under what conditions (typically, a player deciding to leave early must strip nude for everybody before being allowed to leave the game)?

And finally, what do you do when the game is over? A common rule is that all players must strip nude.

Remember, poker is considered by many to be "a gentleman's game." Even in the game of strip poker you must be respectful of the other players at all times.

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